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Ever since we were at the Rocky Mountain Audio festival I have been getting a lot of question about our new server.

It's going to be our standard 8 core i9 server with an optical network interface. This is great for attaching the Sonore opticalRendu player. And it completely isolates network noise from the server to the player. You can run Roon Server or HQPlayer or both on this server and it also has a lot of other software packages available.

Here is a little YouTube video I shot of our room.

The server should be available at the end of October.
Jul 9, 2018
What Audiophile Style has to say about the Signature Rendu SE Optical in the last paragraph says it all:

"If the "SE optical" can make a dCS, EMM Labs, and Berkeley Audio Design DACs perform at an even higher level, I'd say the future is bright for almost anything to which it's connected. Right now we have a leader in the clubhouse for Audiophile Style 2019 Product of the Year."

Link to full review

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