Shakti's High End Workshop 14.-16.June.2019, Germany, western Cologne area!


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May 9, 2015
Cologne, Germany

Since 2015 I can enjoy my Music passion in an old building from the period of promoterism,
the old part is from 1856, the newer part from 1898.

For more than a century the house has hosted a pub and the flat from the former owners.
I knew the pub for a long time and listened there to many Jazz concerts, inside the pub and outside in the beer garden.

As in many other countries as well, local pubs are closing for several reasons.
The plan for this beautiful building was to become a part of a shopping centre.....

So I grabbed the chance to buy the facility and to refurbish it according to the advice of the office for protection of historical monuments.

The former pub room became my major listening room, the former event room became my home cinema.

Luckily I do have now the space to make group listening sessions with friends or even to offer the facility to smaller high end manufacturers to present their products to an
interested audience.

After a while and some listening sessions later it became clear, that mostly the major interest is in comparison of gear, which is owned from a part of the attendees
and is provided from them for such a comparison workshop.
The comparator group than is (should be) provided from the industry (manufacturer, distributor, dealer). manufacturers, distributor and dealer are very often part of the attendees, some of them officialy representing "something", others prefer to be just part of the group and listen to the comparison, without being recognized :)

As it is always nice to come together and to chat about the hobby, so the main focus ist to enjoy the time together, all listening sessions are non blinded, listening level ist not "fine" adjusted , so all results are not objective ! But if you are an experienced audiophile, you get what you are looking for :)

My own gear is always the base for the comparison, for several reasons I am not going to start such a session with an empty room :)

So my current Wilson Audio Maxx 3 would not justify an amplifier comparison with low watt amps, my former hORNS Universum did.

Means, the chosen themes for the workshops depend always on my current set up.

The dates are always around a weekend, Friday for set up, Saturday for the workshop and depending on effort and number of people the Sunday morning will be also workshop.
Sunday afternoon is cutback to normal in my rooms .

I do communicate the workshops in 3 German High End Forums, now starting as well to invite WBF members.

The next workshop ist planned for mid June, the agenda is not yet finalized, plan is some mid priced analog gear and may be some mid priced speakers
as well, I have some ideas, but have to talk to some companies first, before I can make a firm agenda and ask for support.

Friday, 14.June.2019 :

- 14:00 set up

than going out for dinner with all supporters and the guests, who are already arrived

Saturday, 15.June.2019:

10:30 : doors open
11:00 - 14:00 & 15:00 - 18:00
Program in 1 or 2 rooms

Sunday 16.June.2019

10:30 : doors open
11:00 - 14:00 & 15:00 - 18:00

Reserve day,
depending on program and number of people this day will become part of the workshop (or not)
actual planning is without Sunday

Presentation in 2 rooms with different programs, switch over launch, so a full day of program in 2 rooms is planned

Registrations please via WBF "conversation" , than you can get all needed details.

The workshop will take place in the western part of Cologne, Germany. public transport (city train) is close by, Cologne has an airport (CGN)
There are some hotels close to my house

looking forward to see some first WBF attendees :)


IMG_8735.JPG IMG_8739.JPG IMG_8423.jpg IMG_8425.JPG IMG_9093.jpg IMG_9092.jpg IMG_0962.JPG


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May 24, 2010
Wow. Awesome or what. The main room with the Maxx3's looks wonderful.

Pity it's so far from Australia.


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May 9, 2015
Cologne, Germany
the program is getting finalized:

- Daniela Manger (owner Manger) will present her Manger speakers

- Michael Gorny (product manager Thorens) will present the new Thorens turntables

- Ralph Olligschlaeger (Sales Agent Harman Luxury Group) will present the JBL 4312se and JBL L 100 speakers

- Audio Technica will provide their new AT OC9 cartridge family ( if ready prior to ship the workshop)

- TechDAS AF3P and AFV on demo

if you are interested to join, please send a PN :)

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