Shunyata PS8 with ARC Ref250 mono amps ?


Feb 19, 2019
Hi all
as introduction my system consists of Audio Research Ref3, cd7 and previously a Ref110. All of this on MG1.7i. All gears connected to a PS8, the ref110 with a python alpha helix , others stock, and the ps8 with Alpha HC to the wall (shunyata SR-Z1).

I just received 2 Ref250 amps yesterday. :eek:
They play wonderfully. :p:p:p
So much energy that at 1st we are overwhelmed and think they are yelling. But after a while, i now hear the difference on the soundstage , which is very layered , and that all details are now arising, not heard before with my ref110, which was already a revelation compared to my old VS110. No compression which is misleading as you are willing to increase the sound level and then realize it is too loud..... :eek:

Just one question:
i have plugged both of them in my powerstrip Shunyata ps8 with other gears (Ref3 and cd7) . Should i avoid that and separate both monos (1 in the powerstrip and 1 in another wall socket which is at the opposite side of the room, but maybe they are anyway connected somewhere behind the walls) or they are not limited being in the same powerstrip ? What do you advise or what is your experience ?

p.s :
i plan to find another Alpha HC to put them on my monos and put a vemon HC from the ps8 to the wall waiting for better.....


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Dec 9, 2018
I’d always try and have my mono amps into separate mains sockets with the other components into your power strip etc.


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Oct 18, 2019
Let me know if you are looking for a Alpha HC power cords. I may have one available. I am waiting for a new cord which arrives tomorrow. I also would think that you would not want to plug both monos in the same power strip, but thats just an opinion and not based on any factual info.


Feb 19, 2019
Thanks for the advices. I found already an Alpha HC the day i posted the 1st message.
As i rent currently i cannot modify the circuit of the room to have a dedicated line.
i was told to have 1 line for the amps, eventually with a 2000T from the wall to the amps. And then 1 line to the preamp, cd.....

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