Shunyata Sigma HC power cable

The Knife

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Nov 13, 2020
Stockholm, Sweden
Hi. Looking for advice on the Sigma HC power cable (ver 1) to fire up a power hungry Class A Gryphon Essence amp. I am curious on this older version as it is attainable to an attractive price, but wonders on the sonic differences (if any) to the newer Sigma XC cable. The latter mixes in Silver and ultrasound soldering is used in the process My question relates to your experience in sonic differences. Moreover, should one ever consider deteriorating sonic qualities due to oxidation and corrosion on older used Shunyata copper cables. I assume not, but what is the experience here? Thanks! // Andy


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Oct 29, 2014
Sigma XC is alot more powerful sounding, crisp and delicate. But the price difference is large.
I would say the Sigma HC is an excellent value for money.
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