Skagit Valley Tulip Festival got cancelled due to Corona Virus


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Dec 9, 2018
Washington State, US

Skagit County is located halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, BC.

Its famous for tulip festival which used to be held on April every year.

But it got cancelled due to Corona Virus this year.


I took those nice photos two years ago. This place is just 20 min drive from my home.


_MG_5349pb-3.JPG _MG_5357pb-3.JPG _MG_5483pbv-3.JPG

But I have to stay at my home this year.

But it is not bad to stay at my home while listening to nice music.

Take Care!

I wish good health to every member of WBF.



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May 31, 2010
Vancouver, BC
Interesting times and looking forward to visiting friends in WA.
Take care and hope this passes quickly so we can get all get back to a new normal.

Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010
my wife and i do the Tulip Festival every other year depending on the weather. might just do a drive by this year. spectacular place any time of year.

hope everyone is staying safe.
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