SP10mk3 makeover ideas


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Nov 21, 2017
Any plan on a plinth where the top plate is removed and the motor mounted directly on the plinth? :cool:

Hi @leyenda, I’m sorry I didn’t see you post to respond sooner.... Yes, I love that idea of taking the top plate off. It’s a really great look in my opinion. Unfortunately, I only have the one deck and I‘m in big time enjoying music mode right now - I can’t bear the idea of not having the SP10 in action for the time it would take to build everything. It’s definitely something I want to do someday though..... For what it’s worth, my current set-up is bolted to directly to the plinth.


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Dec 22, 2015
I’m thinking about getting a 10r myself. One #1 contending upgrade is to put it into a OMA plinth.

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