Speaker cable comparison


Sep 15, 2021
Regina Sk Canada
I have read a lot of the threads about speaker cables, and it is amazing at how complex this topic can be. I hope to be done my speaker cable journey at this time. Coming from humble beginnings in the 80's, where 12AWG lamp cord was my speaker cable of choice, to working as an electrician and coming across some stranded copper 12 conductor 16AWG twisted pair. i would twist 3 conductors together to make one terminal. I figured 3 cables in parallel would be less resistance. It did seem to make a difference at the time, i wasn't really sure what i was listening for?

Fast forward to the 90's where i was introduced to my first pair of real cables, Nordost Purple flare. I ran them for a long time, i compared them to a set of Wireworld Equinox 8 cables, and there was a noticeable difference in overall depth and clarity. So i was content for a while to leave that alone. My second system in the basement received the same speaker cables as well.

Then one day an audio deal friend came by with a set of Vertere redline speaker cables which were double the money of what i had now. The result was embarrassing, they sounded like someone had covered the speakers with big blankets. Even the dealer was shocked. So needless to say those never got purchased. I did however end up with a set of Madison Audio Lab E3Extreme2 Speaker Cables on both systems.

My speaker cable journey is done, i am very happy with the sound from both systems.

I was however trying to decide which is correct? Do cables add to a system or take things away, or is it a combination of both?


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