Spinning Tapes at California Audio Show July 26-28, 2019

May 25, 2010
SF Bay Area
I'll be helping out my friend Tim Marutani and spinning tapes at his room at the CAS in Oakland (Airport Hilton Hotel) June 26-28. The room (Board Room 3) will feature Martin-Logan speakers, Doshi electronics, and Scott Rust (512 Engineering/Marutani) cables and power supply. The main signal source will be Tim's Ampex ATR-102 with Doshi tape prepro which I will be playing, and a Berkeley Reference 3 DAC for digital playback. The focus will be on tapes. We will have tapes from Tape Project, Ultra Analogue Tapes (Ed Pong) and International Phonograph Inc. (Jonathan Horwich) and some of my safety masters and other goodies. We will be doing mostly 1/2" tape. Should be lots of fun. As a special treat, at the end of Saturday, Reference Recordings' Keith Johnson will be joining us at 5PM for two hour Q/A and demo. Looking forward to seeing WBF members and friends.


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Apr 20, 2010
Pleasanton, CA
Hope to be there Saturday. We met briefly at BAAS years ago at Steve Williams, but I doubt you remember. You were demo'ing your vinyl recording technique at the time.
I would go Friday, too, but I don't want to struggle with traffic.

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