strange happenings

Feb 6, 2015
My Devialet expert pro 250 has developed a mind of it's own.
I have been using different power cords on it,the last was a Shunyata Python Helix CX.
All worked fine, until last night.I shut down the system and when I powered up again, the red light was on but the ON devialet light didn't illuminate.I replaced the batteries in the remote.Same story.Tried another power cord, red light, but won't power on holding down the button and rotating the knob.Even used the front panel button.
Out of desparation I tried the molded stock power cord.The red light came on and the unit powered up!
Went back and tried the Python, which used to work.No deal. So in goes the stock cord and bam the light comes on and it powers up!
I know someone will say I should be thankful because I don't need to invest in a fancy power cord and stock is good.But I have expensive aftermarket power cords that once worked but now don't.
Does anyone have any similar experience or could offer an explanation or a fix?

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