Synergistic Research HFT room treatment devices


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Feb 4, 2011
Alpharetta, Georgia
Nov 5, 2015
I do think Synergistic Research's family of HFT room treatment devices is simply outstanding. These are small but powerful acoustic resonators that are easily attached and removed in a room. They are not visually distracting. I do think they are a major improvement over the older absorption and diffusion approach. One can easily do a basic installation in a few hours to demonstrate if the sound is changing in a positive manner. If you like them keep them and if you don"t send them back for a refund.
And even that is painless as return .shipping will be less than $10.00.

I have now treated two different shaped rooms with different type speakers- Horn speakers and single driver Teresonic speakers.
Both rooms sound better and in both rooms a substantial number of absorption - diffusion panels have been removed. Both rooms now sound better and are visually more appealing. These are now rooms I want to live in and also listen to music, instead of going to "the music room" to have a listening session.

David Pritchard


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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
We're talking using these *in place of* acoustic panels, not just *in addition to*?
Nov 5, 2015
To be very specific, one room now has only one absorption panel in front of the fireplace located in a corner, and the other room has one absorption panel so electrical wires are not visible. These wires go to the art lights that illuminate a wonderful painting of Saint Cecelia (Patron Saint of Musicians). Previously one room had 10 wall panels and there were 8 panels in the other room.

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