Taipei International Audio & Art Show 12/17 - 12/20


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Feb 26, 2016
Hello. The Taipei International Audio & Art Show begins in just 10 days. I am in Taiwan now, and I will attend the show on Saturday, the 18th.

I'm not a journalist, a v-blogger, or even a very good reporter of events such as this, but I'm happy to share photos and highlights of any rooms and gear that attract my attention. If there's anything you are especially interested in, I will try to look out for it and offer my impressions. Bear in mind that I'll be at the show for 6 or 7 hours, so don't expect extensive coverage. I attended this show last year and the year before. It is not a huge show, but there will be two floors mostly devoted to two-channel audio. I'm personally not very interested in the art rooms, so don't get your hopes up for commentary.


No. There will be no refrigerators, ovens, or microwaves nor other similar household appliances for sale. [Reference the fist link if you don't know why I said this.]



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