Tapeprojecst Creedence Clarwater Revival

Aug 29, 2016
I bought The Tapeproject Creedence Clearwater Revival, Willy and the Poor Boys, I was on the fence for a why’ll as to weather I want to buy this tape because I have the 45 rpm LP of this album but I just had to hear how much better the tape will sounds than the 45 LP, so I did an AB test between the LP and the tape, the tape sounded clearer but the LP had a little more depth, bass, they both sounded fantastic but the tape did have a little more detail, I also notice that the CCR tape is 33 minutes and that could be put on one reel, I make backup tapes of tapeproject tapes that I have and I got CCR on one reel of SM900 tape, anyway other that have or heard the CCR tape what are your thoughts as to the Sonics quality of this tape.
Jan 20, 2019
New Jersey (U.S.)
I can only speak from the perspective of having two original, 7 1/2ips prerecords of the (other) CCR albums: "Cosmo's Factory" and "Pendulum" Ampex handled in 1970; and, say: that collectors would not be disappointed seeking them out!

Unfortunately, the earlier CCR albums which showed up on reel were all 3 3/4 back-in-the-day (so, I wouldn't even bother with those). However: you mention the source for this TP copy sounding different from that found on a reissued record...you know(?) a lot of the Creedence material was REMIXED within the last 20 years to have a more "wide" stereo soundstage than the way they originally sounded. The original mixes are very "narrow" without much of a spatial effect (something John Fogerty -himself- had done on purpose at the time: to get maximum airplay on BOTH AM and FM...as-to not sacrifice the sonic "impact" of a song and, also, to: accentuate the Rockabilly vintage sound a lot of the Creedence cover versions had).

So(?): I wonder if it was a matter of the LP reissue being taken from one of the relatively recent remasterings while, the TP was sourced from a vintage safety master a little further removed in the chain?
May 25, 2010
SF Bay Area
Paul Stubblebine of Tape Project always gets the master tapes (except for the Linda Ronstadt tape master which was defective), often the actual session tapes, so he usually remixes the session tapes when he can. Comparing my DSD (SACD) version of Willy to the TP tape release, it sure sounds to me that Paul remixed the session tapes. Great clarity of the voices and instruments and layers of depth that are not in the DSD. Not sure how recent the DSD source is.


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