The ART27A - an extraordinary fine musical instrument

Big Dog RJ

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Feb 3, 2012
Good news and better news...

The ART27A has finally arrived up in QLD. It was paired with an ET5 preamp driving Joseph Audio speakers, not very efficient and quite a load..

The ART27A took total grip on the speakers and the overall performance was absolutely stunning! According to my good mate up there who's also the main CJ importer, had invited a few Audiophile mates plus a few dealers. None of them wanted to leave, they stayed glued and fully engaged to the music for endless hours that my friend / proprietor had to force them out, by shutting down the system and closing the shop. Even for him it was extremely difficult to get away from it all!

Now he wants me to audition it with the CLX's, and has offered a very good price but certainly a pretty penny... I'm not sure if it could fully handle the CLX's though full range, I'll have to take it for a spin. There are several serious enthusiasts over here who actually think it would drive the CLX's easily and they are also very keen to come over for an audition. The only issue is the system is currently disconnected and packed away since our new house is all done up and we're in the process of moving... So auditioning amplifiers is currently my least priority.

Then again, this is no ordinary amplifier, nothing like he's ever heard before and very unassuming from the overall look. All cables and interconnects used were Nordost Odin's supreme reference series, the pricing on cabling and speaker wires alone exceeds the actual price on the ART27A...go figure!

Perhaps I'll let it run-in for a while and see how it goes once the system is fully connected. If there's anyone else who has seriously auditioned the ART27A, please do let me know your thoughts and overall experience with driving full range stats or other panels...

Cheers till then, RJ
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