The DMA-400SV monoblock amplifier


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May 6, 2010
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Apr 20, 2010
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Sorry Tasos. Fryer makes great electronics, but that doesn't mean he is a reputable historian. Johnson was at Stanford in the early 60's, almost 12 years after the bipolar transistor was invented. He has surely made noteworthy application efforts using bipolars, but he was hardly a "father" of the transistor in any sense. We'll just have to agree to disagree on that term, which by no means detracts from his many accomplishments. His work with Fairchild comprised mostly focused gap head tape recorder technology.
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May 30, 2016
My take away from the interview. “It is more likely “ that will see a Spectral phono stage before a dac.

Wonder if dealer , had the same reservations about CD players , after listening to that Sv system.
Apr 15, 2013
I'm also confused as I was told that the 400s would remain as is in the lineup. Now, if they are upgraded to 400SV; what makes them different than the DMA-500? ; I have a thought.

The DMA-500s are almost at the end of their limited production run (as ack stated); So, the 400SV will remain as the flagship mono going forward with some but not all of the 500 tech for a price between the current 400 and 500 offerings. (My guess )

Again without an updated and descriptive spectral website its tough for the consumer just looking at a model #. But, looks like the amp line up will be .

DMA-300SV (Replacing the RS)
DMA-400SV (Replacing the RS)
DMA-500 AR ( Limited Edition w/possible differences than the 400SV but, we don't know for sure yet

Pre amps
DMC-30SC ( A single ended only version of the SV technology based DMC-30SV (Balanced pre amp)


SDR-4000SV CD Player based on the SV output stage.

And in the Spectral fans dreams... An SV based phono stage and the SDR-5000 DAC based on SV technology :)

Hey its good to dream right?
Now that the 400SV is out, any ideas/indication on when we should expect the 300SV?

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