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this is such a fun series to watch and it's so easy as each episode is 20-23 minutes. Definitely worth the watch .

Season 1 was hilarious and this season, although very funny, falls a little short of last year. Having said that the chemistry between Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin is shear movie magic. The show also is even better if you are senior citizens like these two as the problems they encounter are somethings we all have encountered which make it even funnier
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Aug 26, 2013
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This might be the best thing Netflix has done IMO. While I can't relate to the 'senior' issues on a personal level, I relate extremely well to Alan's character. Four years ago my first wife passed away and I've had to take breaks from watching the show at times because the moments are all too real and familiar.

There are one or two story plots I wasn't fond of but the show is still fantastic.

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