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The first two seasons of this comedic series were gut wrenching funny but last season I felt the show lost much of its swagger and struggled somewhat. Well the first 4 episodes of season 4 have been released. Of note is each episode is now longer half an hour but each push the one hour length. The show so far has had a few funny moments but due to each episode being an hour I find the series as so far become somewhat of a comedic drama lacking many of the moments we loved so much. However the story is now able to more fully explore each character and it seems that is what is happening. I am hoping for better as this season continues.So far, it isn't there...



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Dec 27, 2010
I’ve gushed about Mrs M to anyone who would listen and described it as a contender for the best TV Series ever. Yes its that good, up there with Justified. I do though agree that S.4 seems . . . . different☹️. Have the writers / director changed? I’ve now watched 3 episodes and I am enjoying it, but its no longer the perfect mix of drama and comedy that it was previously.

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