Three friends and the creation of a high-end manufactory.


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Apr 23, 2011
Lippstadt Germany
Dear High End friends here in the WBF forum,

I have been a member since April 2011 and many of you already know me.
But not everyone knows what activities are behind us.

I have been asked several times by some members to write something about us and our products.
Under the brand name Dereneville we develop and produce high-end analogue audio products since 2009.

My friend and companion Hannes, WBF-member since spring 2019, has described us and our work with wonderful words.
Here is his presentation:

About us,
written by WBF member Hannes Gremme

001.jpg Rainer Horstmann, called Rainer
Mechanical engineer.
Rainer ran a sound and video studio for decades in which he developed high-quality recording and editing methods,
but also produced records for and with various artists.

002.jpg Johannes Gremme, called Hannes
Graduated engineer in electrical and communications engineering, works in the automotive industry.
He has sound knowledge and many years of experience in embedded hardware, software and control development.

003.jpg Hans Bernhard Bröker, called HB
Dipl. Ing. and Dr. rer. nat. in physics, received his doctorate at the Cern Research Center (CH)
and works as a recognized expert in embedded hardware and software development in the automotive industry.

A little bit of history

Phase 1: An idea is released

Rainer is a perfectionist - but at the same time also a realist - with a view to the realisable.
1981 until 2000. In his company AVDesignHaus he developed many technical innovations for his film productions,
such as a Steady Cam, several tripods, large film camera cranes etc.


Camera crane up to 10 meters (today people use drones ;-) but in 1995? )

But also smaller useful things, such as wall mounts for professional loudspeakers for BOSE,
which until today are available from his company AVDesignHaus.

Cardan wall mount brackets for BOSE

In addition to the technical developments, he produced more then 500 advertising and image films
as well as records for and with various artists.

One of his best-known in-house productions is the so called "Gütersloher Nachtsanggeläut"
which is highly appreciated by audio enthusiasts for its high purity and dynamics.

Many of his colleagues admired the technology Rainer had developed especially for this recording.

Audio Video Editing and Mastering Suite in 1995

Audio Recording Suite in 1995

In 2000 Rainer sold his sound and video studio and wanted to retire. And then everything changed.
It all started in 2005 with Rainer and his daring idea in his head to build the best record turntable imaginable.

In 2008 he bought a high precision tool milling machine with digital display, a so called Deckel FP-2
with all necessary accessories.

With this milling machine Rainer produced every single part with loving attention to detail and built the first prototype
of his record player - the Dereneville VPM2010-1.

Milling machine "Deckel-FP2"

Rainer chose the name Dereneville, which adorns the first record player and later the company,
in honour of his wife Irene, who patiently supported him and later also Hannes and HB all these years
and inspired them with her comments.

My lovely wife Irene at the HiFi show in Krefeld

to be continued soon...
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Apr 23, 2011
Lippstadt Germany

The first Dereneville VPM-2010-1 (total weight 125 kg) was a mechanical masterpiece until 2009
and ran completely noiseless with the 30 kg platter on the smooth magnetic bearing.

But without a perfect drive unit and without a sophisticated electronic control system, nothing could move really perfectly.



Phase 2: A team is found

At this time Rainer and Hannes met. Both quickly noticed their common passion for technique and music,
as well as the inner drive to create something special.

Hannes develops major software projects and web applications both professionally and in his spare time
and shares this passion for perfect and unusual things.

The ideas were just bubbling more and more, and it quickly became clear that the project could not be achieved
in the foreseeable future by two people.
Hannes talked to his colleague Hans Bernhard about the project, who was enthusiastic about his passion
for technology and music.


Hans Bernhard has an absolute ear and is a member of a choir that is known beyond the borders of the country.
He immediately joins the project.

Phase 3: All good things come in threes

Very quickly, the mechanical, electronic and software components of this first record turn table reached a presentable stand.
It was presented to the interested public at trade fairs in Krefeld and Munich.

Editors of various audio magazines visited us in Lippstadt or tested the turn table in their own editorial department.

Hannes and HB programming software for the Dereneville VPM2010-1


In the specialized magazines the team Dereneville was affectionately called also the three musketeers.
Friends and like-minded people have also found other names.

What they all have in common is that they at least tend to be correct and ... we see them as a compliment.

Today, after 10 years of cooperation, we have created a vivid and very impressive product range.
Fascinating world novelties and globally unique products.

Today: We are Dereneville

A small German manufactory in which we manufacture 80% of all components ourselves.

Single components of a linear tracking arm

Milling of the houses



Parts of the new linear tracking arm - ready for nickel and chrome plating

This is the only way we can ensure our claim to precision and individuality while at the same time being able
to react flexibly and quickly to our customers' wishes – Made in Germany.

to be continued soon.
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Apr 23, 2011
Lippstadt Germany

All the parts that we cannot manufacture ourselves due to the size, are individually manufactured according
to our exact specifications in the nearby WfB or a local CNC turning and milling shop.



newest 5 axes CNC machining center

In this way, we ensure that the high quality standards that we demand of ourselves
every day are met at all times, and we thus support local entrepreneurs on site.
All these components are completely - Made in Germany - German Engineering.

Here are some pictures of our current products:

The Dereneville Modulaire MKIII

The big one - Dereneville DTT-02 linear tracking arm


Drive units DAE-01 SP and DAE-01 CL

Drive unit for vintage Micro Seiki turntables and others

Power supply 12 VDC / 24 VDC

Dereneville Magic-Mat

Of course you should also have a look at our website

At the end two press reports - representing many others.

Thank you for your attention
and kind regards Rainer
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May 24, 2010
Hi Rainer

Wonderfully complex and impressive piece of engineering.

What made you change from direct drive to belt drive?

Regarding the tonearm. The specs say a laser measures the grooves and move the vta to 90 degrees while playing across the record as well as vtf / azimuth. So it's the tonearm and not the cartridge that is doing most of the work.( please correct me if I am incorrect).

Is the laser affected by dust, warps, scratches etc?
What is the maintenance required to keep the tonearm in working order ?

Best regards


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Apr 23, 2011
Lippstadt Germany
Thanks for the compliment,

The laser does not measure the groove. This is a false assumption.

The laser measures the 90° degree angle of the tonearm - with a precision of 5 microns.
The laser corresponds 100 times per second with the electronics.
There is no more precise linear tracking arm in the world.

I will explain this later in another topic.

The laser is completely insensitive to dust. No maintenance work is required.
Everything is designed for maximum service life.

The active components are not toys but have been tried and tested in industry.

regards Rainer
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Most fascinating Rainer. It's like you're building the next spaceship to planet Heaven. :)
Do you take reservations for the next voyage?

Are there more European owners than American ones of your linear tracking TTs?

I had zero clue that you were also involved in the filming industry. :cool:


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Apr 23, 2011
Lippstadt Germany
:) Thanks, Bob,
but of course you can still make a reservation. ;) Come and visit me...

We have a few dealers in Europe. We also have direct sales,
because we deliver and install every linear tracking arm and every record player personally.

My time in the film industry was a very nice time. :) I was on the road in all continents.
Of course also in the USA - Chicago, Grand Rapids, LA, SFO... as well as in Vancouver, BC and Calgary.
Mostly for automotive suppliers.

Thanks, Rainer


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Dec 26, 2010
Brilliant work...great to see the passion and technical expertise come together.
Likes: Derainer


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Apr 23, 2011
Lippstadt Germany
:) thank you for your appreciative words.

Well, my dear analog friends, whatever it is that drives us, it really makes us very happy.
And the joy in the faces of our customers is proof that we're doing everything right.
This allows us to continue in the future.

thanks, Rainer
Likes: christoph


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Apr 21, 2010
Near Atlanta, GA but not too near!
If I had the money, and even if I were not an analog lover (I am), I would buy one of these for just the cosmetic appeal and engineering marvel (my minor was in Mechanical Engineering). A simply stunning engineering masterpiece. Simply stunning. You should be very proud.

And I must confess, I do find some "irony" in that an analog table of this pedigree could only exist because of the existence of digital technology.

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