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Triode Pete

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Mar 1, 2016
Long Island, NY
I have few lightly used, "Demo" cables available as follows. Includes shipping within the USA as well as discounted global shipping -

Power Cables –
“Ten Plus” Power Cord
– 5 ft. “Demo” - Normally -$399, Great Condition! Demo Special - $249
MacMini Power Cord Special
– Joint effort between PI Audio Group & TWL, 5 ft. long, Normally -$499, As-new! Demo Special - $249

Speaker Cables –
“American Speaker Cables”
– 12 ft. Pair with Premium Cardas CAB bananas - Normally -$1199 + shipping, As-new! Demo Special - $749

Phono RCA-DIN Cables –
“Spirit II” RCA – DIN cable
with a Premium Cardas SDIN connector with ground wire, 1.25m long, Brand new! (Customer decided on a longer length AFTER fabrication!)
Normally -$649, NEW Special - $449

If interested, please PM me. Payment can be made by PayPal funds, credit card, bank wire transfer or check (personal is fine). The latter two (wire transfer or check) preferred to eliminate the high PayPal & credit card fees!

Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving,
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