TRUE MONO Phonostage with stepless EQ upcoming


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Sep 26, 2017
Member Bernd from our Vinyl and Phono community told me about a new upcoming Mono Phonostage called
AS MONOPHONIC TRUE MONO. Newest Product announced for autumm from the highly regarded german Phono specialist Audiospecials.

Record collectors with there Blue Note, Decca and Columbia treasures will be pleased to hear , that now modern Equalizing with authentic one channel playback will be possible.

Rumors and first informations are not much but in a few points. It has the same stepless Equalizing like the legendary Scott 121C Phonostage from 1957.

But the Equalizing method will be much easier as we do it usually. The jungle of many different Curves and Labels is reduced to only two numbers.. The Monophonic uses a Mono EQ Code. Two numbers for -Bass boost- and -Roll off-. That ´s all.

But why True Mono? The Monophonic is a real One Channel Phonostage. Highly probable the only modern Mono EQ Phonostage world wide. No cross talk possible between the two channels like modern phonostages with pseudo Mono and some curves on board. RCA IN and Out, Balanced In and OUT is offered.



I am curios about more details.



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Jun 7, 2017
The Audiospecials PSU 1.2 can power two if you already have a Phonolab, for example, you can add this new Mono preamp to it. Makes a three (small) box set. If you setup the twin-preamp Phonolab with one side MM and one side MC you have a great deal of flexibility (use suts or active, stereo or mono, etc...)

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