UDP-203 Network File Tree Question

When I first got my UDP-203, using the DLNA server built into my Linksys WRT3200ACM router, the server drive would show up as a Penguin icon similar to LINUX's icon and opening that would take me right to the media drive, very few nesting levels.

Something happened after a couple of weeks in which the DLNA server no longer shows up as a Penguin icon, but just the name assigned to it, and opening that doesn't take me to the media drive anymore. It's now nested deeper by several levels and a real pain to navigate to.

I haven't changed anything about the server over that time, other than adding more media files to the video storage folder. The Oppo has had a firmware update, but much later than this change occurred. I cannot identify what could have changed.

Maybe someone familiar with using this player to access networked media servers could shed some light on this?
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Hi Mark, I asked your question (full quote) @ another forum (forum.blu-ray.com) and the first reply was:

"I have a Linksys router with a 4TB drive on the router USB port. When looking at the 203 menu -> Network, my router (media) drive shows up by its name and an SMB icon, along with all my PCs and all my Denon AVRs (4 of each). When I select my media SMB drive, it opens to 3 folders... Photo, Music, Video. Within those folders is my network "friendly" name, and within that are my media files. So, I suppose the actual media files are nested thusly: Network, SMB drive name, media type (photo, etc), Friendly name, media files (or more media directories if you are organized that way.), and then the media files. Some of this nesting is caused by my own organization (topography) of the network and drive(s). Nesting is as expected, though not as intuitive as it could be."
That's pretty much how his file tree works, but it doesn't explain why mine changed without warning from a simple, easy to navigate structure, into a complex, many levels deep, nested structure. It also doesn't explain why the icon disappeared from the SMB server device. I don't know if this is the Oppo or the SMB device that changed. Too many devices, like phones, self update and change their behavior without the owner's knowledge. I think something like that happened here.

I also am having an increasingly long wait to scroll to the media I want. I have 2263 videos just in one of my media folders, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to go quickly to the alphabet letter the media starts with. So if I'm looking for the "O" range of media, I have to hold the page down button for a long time and wait for it to scroll to that title. There HAS to be a faster way to jump to the letters near the end of the alphabet.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
I don't have experience with too complex files played through my Oppo players.
I try to stay simple with those players. When I experience issues in playing files I blame the complexity of the file's source, not the players. Same with apps.

But that's me and my very limited experience in complex audio/video files and applications.
The source is not the Oppo, Oppo is the messenger of the various sources and their complexities from each owner. It is not in my opinion a general solution to all because no two people are set up the same with their files and sources in their homes and their broadband network.

* I'll check right now for more replies...

Edit: I've just checked...nothing on the subject @ hand, only four more replies with different questions.
It seems odd that the folder structure would change on its own.

And maybe Oppo should consider programming some sort of shortcut button, perhaps the number buttons, to jump to various alphabet letters in the folder, for large folders. Say, pressing '5' takes you to the 'M' titles and '9' takes you to 'Z', instead of holding page down for two whole minutes.


New Member
Oct 5, 2015
Sofia, Bulgaria
Did you try to disable the media server ,delete external storage configuration, restart router and set it up again ?

Your router have "automatic update" option with "on" at default. Some sneaky update can be the reason .
Linksys hasn't updated this router in over a year. I've been waiting for new firmware that would support modern hard drives, but alas, they are stuck in the 1990s with only MBR support. So no firmware updates have happened.

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