Unboxing the 2019 Oris Rega Limited Edition


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Apr 20, 2014
Hi folks, I picked up this handsome Oris pilots watch yesterday. I like the fact it isn't just another divers/Sub-homage & is a bit unique. On paper, it's not the most accurate Swiss watch, and only has a modest 38hr reserve. But it is a solid, reliable, good value and very well made watch. It is also water-resistant to 10 bars & looks a treat in gun metal grey PVD finish with a matching red leather-lined textile strap; a nod to the Swiss Rega Air Rescue Service's corporate logo. The Rega logo also appears on the dial, and the tip of the GMT hand is also painted red.

Time is centrally indicated, with a small seconds dial at 9 and date window at 3. The GMT function relies on a large and legible central hand, combined with a 24-hour peripheral track. There is a single notch adjustment on the folding clasp, but the leather strap can be easily adjusted via a crimped clasp. Being a pilots watch, it is easy to quickly get the time day or night thanks to the 45mm case, domed sapphire crystal and Super-LumiNova-coated Arabic numerals, hands, and hour markers. Design-wise, I also like the fluted bezel which resembles the turbine of a jet engine. Overall, a good buy at the price I got mine for!



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