Upgradeing Speakers thinking about PSB's Passif 50


Nov 23, 2022
Im currently using PSB's X2T Floor Standing speakers. Anybody demoed the Passif 50's yet? They are in the $3000 price range. Im only listening to Jazz. Anybody else have suggestions possibly better than the Passif 50's in that price range?

I personally love PSB speakers because they're well-engineered, neutral and sound great.
Paradigm Founder 80F may be slightly more expensive with a slightly peakier treble depending on your placement. (Other Paradigm lines have odd frequency responses so I wouldn't recommend them.)
I also think GoldenEar speakers are also well-designed with more bass but may not always be as well-refined sonically compared to other brands so the Triton 5 might be good for you too as you're upgrading from the X2T.
But my take is that if you like PSB, you can't go wrong with the latest generation of PSB speakers (unlike some other brands whose upgrades are just mostly a change to their frequency response to color the sound).
I really do love my X2T's. I think they are great but would like a better sound at some point. Thanks for the input.

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