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Feb 7, 2013
While at Munich High End Show this year, where I met a few of you guys. I got talking to bonzo75 and mentioned I lived in Essex England, he mentioned Barry2013 saying he lived in Essex too. I then said I live in Chelmsford, which turned out to be where Barry2013 lives.

Anyway after replying to one of Barry2013’s post, I pointed out to him that I live in Chelmsford.

Barry then sent me a PM inviting me to come over for a listening session if I liked, silly question really I immediately said yes.

Barry2013 literally lives about 4 miles away from me and less than half a mile from my sister. Funny enough the school less than a quarter of a mile from Barry2013’s house is where I went and so did his children, small world aye!

I popped over to see Barry2013 on Sunday afternoon with a few records and a couple of CD’s in a bag. We had a very pleasant afternoon listening to music and drinking while we played music on CD, Vinyl and Tuner.

When I go to Barry2013’s house and seeing his system setup in the listening room. The speakers set up along the short wall and so close to the front wall I did not think it would work well. Well I have to say, I was proved wrong.

I really enjoyed listening to his system and for the first time, I liked and saw the attraction of dcs electronics. In the past dcs has always sounded too clinical / sterile to my ears.

We listened to both CD and SACD, the combination of the dcs Scarlatti, Vitus amp and the YG acoustics worked very well to change my mind about dcs. After the dcs Barry2013 played a DVD Audio via his Oppo Blu ray, sorry but after the dcs Scarlatti the DVD Audio disc did not get a look in.

The soundstage of the system was amazing, but on depth it struggled to project past the front wall due to the close proximity of the YG Acoustics speakers to the front wall. When we switched to the SACD, the system did a better job of extending the depth. The width was very wide since there were no constraints in that department.

We played some records on his Townsend Rock V (I think they are Rock V anyway) again I was very impressed, with good definition and imaging just very very pleasant to listen to. The last track I played before I left was my favourite track by Massive Attack which was Unfinish Sympathy Paul Oakenfold mix. The bass end from this system put my system to shame, I enjoyed the bottom end but I know it would over power my room at home.

On the whole a very pleasant afternoon.

Barry2013 has not listened to Spectral Audio yet so the next move is for Barry2013 to come round to mine and listen to my system.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon listening session, look forward to you coming round.

Oct 12, 2013
Essex UK
Thank you Chris.
It was good to meet you and I am glad you enjoyed my system.
Yes the DCS Scarlatti is still a great digital front end and there is a genuine synergy with the Vitus SIA 025 and the YG Kipod Signature passives.
The Rock V should sound even better soon when my turntablle wizard mounts my new SME V.
Will look forward to listening to your Spectrals.
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Feb 7, 2013
Hey Barry i would love to come back for another listening session once you have your new SME V installed.

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