Volume Control for: Preamp Output Module with isolated XLR Analog Output


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Oct 28, 2019
Would I be able to do this (MSB Reference equipped with a Preamp Output Module and with an isolated XLR Analog Output):
XLR Out 1: Adjusting the volume using the volume knob (power amp & speakers)
XLR Out 2: bypassing the volume (going into a headphone amp (BHSE) and Stax headphones)


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Dec 12, 2013
Call Vince of msb I had two sets of outputs on mine. One was xlr and second was se.
I don’t know if they work independent as your asking.
Also look at the menu tree to see if it’s possible
Lastly why don’t you use the msb vol as this will allow a better match to your headphone amp. You want the headamp and the msb to be in the sweet spot of your amp. This gives you better dynamics , tone and weight.
The headphone amp has a preamp too so of its over driven it’s bad sound. I hope you understand my post
One last comment the msb vol is two fold
30 to 0 is passive
0 to 10 or so is active
This means you may want the msb to be active to get the better dynamics be it your headphone or speaker amps. I know this may seem odd but it’s true. A passive preamp as of is below 0 is a loss of an active stage less drive. It’s not always but it is most times.
Good luck


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Oct 28, 2019
Thanks for your answer. I cannot look at the menu tree, because I don't own a MSB (yet). I am just evaluating.
I would really like to have this independently (one output like an old fashioned "tape out"). I could not find any documentation how the Volume behaves, e.g. If I switch the unit off and some days later on again, is the start volume the last used from the previous session?

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