VPI Cyclone cleaner


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Dec 7, 2013
Vancouver, BC
I recently picked up the VPI Cyclone cleaner and have a few comments for prospective buyers.

It's quieter than my 16.5 by about 5 dB. It's not a big improvement but enough that my wife is happier about the noise from the next room. However, I still have to wear ear protection when I use it.

The aluminum construction makes the plinth impervious to excess moisture. The Cyclone looks utilitarian and not as nice as the Clearaudio Matrix. The plexiglass lid is not hinged and just comes off during use.

The cleaning operation is simple and effective. The reverse rotation makes it easier to gently scrub the record in both directions. I prefer to dispense the cleaning fluid manually because I use the 2-step Audio Intelligent fluid system. The suction seems to be stronger than the 16.5 but I can't be sure. My records come out quieter than with the 16.5. For example, Cowboy Junkies Trinity Session (45 rpm) is noticeably quieter. Part of the credit goes to the AI fluid, which seems better than the VPI and Mofi 1-step cleaners.

My only complaint is about the new record clamp. It's bigger and easier to handle but it's not compatible with the old clamp. I still prefer the TTWeight Cleaner clamp but it doesn't work on the Cyclone.

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