Waversa Activator 2


Sep 29, 2021
Los Angeles
Selling (3) Waversa Activator 2 filters. These are brand new filters from Waversa that work directly on cables. By running a cable through the device noise is removed and electrons are accelerated through the path. The recovery of low frequency and low mid is extraordinary. I have tried them on my speaker cables and my interconnects from my DAC. The results are dramatic. If you are familiar with Waversa filters then I would compare the results to their EXT Ref Plus. I have 3 available. These are brand new. I am asking for $1,300.00 each. The MSRP is about to go up to 4,000.00 per the manufacturer, so these are really a steal. You will have to Google these devices and use Google translate, as they are becoming very popular in Korea but no reviews here yet. Please reach out with questions.
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