Waversa WSmartHub


Sep 14, 2020
As the Waversa range is a little bit difficult to dissect, I wonder if anyone can tell me, is the WSmartHub effectively to be used as a network switch? Considering the English Electric 8Switch but if this Waversa product is a competitor I think I would rather go that way.


Industry Expert
Feb 29, 2016
There is a new version SmartHub 3.0 being released. This is a network switch.


1. User interface now with high-speed screen processing - no delay.
2. CPU upgraded from ARM926 to ARM CORTEX A7 - now optimized for online updates as technology evolves
3. USB output to digitally stream to a USB dac if needed - ROON Ready, WNDR, DLNA, Airplay
--can either be a battery hub from USB B to USB A ports providing cleaner power
--ROON Ready - an Ethernet network Renderer using USB A port.

4. Double the lithium ion battery supply (Four Banks) and more standard AA type battery. Easy to replace, but needed only every few years. Fewer recharge cycles providing longer battery preservation.

5. Linear Power Supply back up if the batteries are depleted.
6. Battery switching changed from relay to MOSFET to block noise
7. Clock is OCXO.
8. Power supply filters.

Likely more updates that have not been made public are to follow along with price and availability.


Industry Expert
Feb 29, 2016
The Waversa SmartHub 3.0 described here is $2125 USD plus VAT where applicable and will start shipping March 1st. While Kevalin Audio is only able to ship to N. American addresses, I am happy to answer any questions and of course, give the appropriate geographic distributor/dealer contact information for those interested. I believe the SmartHub 3.0 will outperform, be more versatile, and better value than most audiophile switches in this price range, especially with the built-in LPS.

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