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Apr 20, 2010
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Apr 20, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
Cool, but just don't mention Marten or Jorma Design in their threads, lol! :D
Hi Everyone! Thank you for your kind words of welcome.

Neli here, posting for the time being from Mike's acct -- seems like it's time to add 'MrsAudioFederation', will do here, in a few min.

For all of you who didn't know -- we've relocated from Boulder, CO to Palo Alto CA. Any time you guys are in the Bay Area, we'd love to have you visit.
Thanks, Everyone!

We are SO psyched to be able to have this subforum on WBF, a sort of home away from home. A new home - exciting and new. We've been posting here off and on for many years, and enjoyed reading many of the posts here, and thought it was time to give back a little to the only true ultra high-end audio community on the Internet that we know of [certainly the only one where the primary language is English].

Many people already know us from our show reports or because they have talked to Neli (Cornelia) at one time or another. In fact, we are currently busy uploading our Munich High-end 2019 show report. Of course, Neli is just a text, phone call, or email away, as always.

Hope people like our ads here... A little different.

Yep. We build time machines. [OK. Yeah. Amazon Prime was feeding me time traveling movies one after the other and this realization popped into my head: we are all about hearing Mozart; or Jimi, Jerry and Janis; or even living musicians on one of their best days recorded in a perfect venue from the sweet spot - as if we were THERE again... and in extreme fidelity].

And, yes. We do build the BEST time machines. [This is What's BEST Forum - not What's OK Forum, right?]. Our time machines are musical, engaging, engrossing, and emotional - extreme high-fidelity and high resolution, but never in a way that takes away from the music. Your mind will go OMG that is awesome, how do they do that? And your heart will just go more More MORE! It is this balance between what the heart wants and what the mind enjoys that we strive to optimize for when we pick component and design a hi-fi system.

And for the little story in the advertisement.... news, bizarrely confrontational jobs, just stupid mean people in general - they can really get us down. What is the point of it all? Does the world SUCK or what?

Often the ONLY cure for this frequently overwhelming feeling of despair is... MUSIC.

And boy, do we all know how to play Music here at WBF!

Anyway, when we are not here, hanging out, we'll be either at our 15 year old blog (with a couplea thousand posts), our Twitter page (Not. We still cross post there but don't go there much anymore. Does anyone?), our Facebook page (there are some good people over there, but not much hard-core audiophile talk going on), our growing YouTube channel (lots of new videos from Munich! We'll post some photos and videos here as well) and Ultimist (our show report overflow website).


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Apr 20, 2010
Pleasanton, CA
You guys have been amongst my faves for show reports. I have also cluttered up a couple of your show demos with my weird music, and you have always been very classy playing it.

Steve Williams

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Here's my caveat........

IMHO there isn't a more knowledgeable female audiophile than Neli with an amazing ear as well.
Thanks, Steve. Really.

Weird music? Haha, we like music. And you (cjfrbw) are in Pleasanton? Visit us! Bring more weird music. We might have some here as well.

I'm so glad that the show reports are useful. Mike puts a lot of effort into the onsite reportage -- and making sense of it all once we are back from a show. Munich was overwhelming. Mike took pictures, ran video and also made some 24/96 recordings. It was our first visit, hopefully first of many.
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Haven't been in the Bay Area in 7 years Neli

We're back in Southern California
Yes of course Steve. SoCal, 6 hr drive ... not in the East Bay anymore, kinda too bad from my personal perspective; it would be fun to see more of you f2f.

I was responding to (cjfrbw) on that weird music / visit us part ... and of course you should visit next time you are in the bay and bring whatever music you like :) weird or not.


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Apr 20, 2014
Melbourne, Australia

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