What's Spinning Tonight?

Donny Hathaway. These Songs For You (Live). Listening to I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know and A Song For You. Man, that guy just tears me up. Such a shame he's gone.
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The Prog Rock thread convinced me and it was Renaissance: Live at Carnegie Hall.

Though strictly speaking, nothing is spinning :), this morning I'm listening to Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Wallace Roney and Tony Williams' "A Tribute to Miles."

Same here Nothing was strictly spinning (SSD) and I was listening to Brahms 1,3 Berliner under Von Karajan. Not the greatest recording in the world but music is so powerful ... and HVK was att the top of his art then then Haydn ( Columbia MK 39310) Yo-Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis and Cho-Liang Lin)
Last night, MoFi remaster of Elvis Costello's 'Armed Forces'. Best recording of a great album.

Arcade Fire 'Funeral' now as I try to pump myself up for some difficult work ahead today
I am playing a collection of swing music, 8 LP's in all, I picked up used a few weeks ago. One of the sets of records looks like it was never played. I cleaned them up, put them in better sleeves, and I have been listening to them this afternoon. Good stuff.
1. Rehearsal CD for upcoming concert (www.pikespeakphil.org)
2. Michel Camilo, Michel Camilo
3. One of a Kind, Dave Gruisin
4. Little more time so cuts from Cinemagic (Gruisin) just for fun...
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This morning, now, and "Something Else" - Cannonball Adderly & Miles. Other than a bit of hard panning, an excellent period recording of great performances.

Just got my CJ PV-14 back from RHB Sound Dezign after they modified it........right now Supertramp - Crime of the Century......next Pink Floyd - The Wall
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