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Sparks – No. 1 In Heaven - 1979 - amazing album from the Mael brothers in conjunction with Giorgio Moroder. Tryouts for the Human race, Beat the Clock & of course #1 song in Heaven are superb.
I read the other day in some mag the #1 synth pop album ever made - not sure about that but amazing the credit it has received in the past few years.


This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us was a big hit in the UK, but I didn't know that Joy Division said that "Number One Song in Heaven" was a primary influence during the recording of "Love will tear us apart."
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Streaming this morning ☝:

The Big Blue - The Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack by Éric Serra, from 1988.

I also have the orginal CD album from 1988, and is actually one of the 10-15 albums I have used to tune in my stereo system. This album I used especially for it’s deep tight bass tunes… very good to use when integrating subwoofers. ( I also used (some) of the songs on this album to get the midrange warm and full, and the treble brilliant and clear with no tendence to be sharp. ) But primarily I used it for it’s bass tunes.

/ Jk
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