Thanks guys, great work!
Thank you guys!
Congrats Steve, Julian and WBF!
Got the shakes the last 36 hours from withdrawal... Did not see that coming.

Search working great and I dare to say things appear quite fast! On computer and phone
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Nice work, fellas. I love that you are investing in the platform to benefit ALL.

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nice, and thank you
All the kudos go to you my friend. What members need to know is that Julian and I live 9 time zones apart and our coder is 12 time zones from me. So coordination and talking to these guys always involved our calls at 0530 every morning for me and many time for Julian at 0100-0200 his time
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Thanks for the great work :cool:
I have to admit that I dearly missed WBF the time it was down :eek:
nice, and thank you

Some noticeable and very welcome improvements post surgery guys , thank you for all your hard work , however for my part auto list and complete of member reference appears not to be working .
That would be the 8 th wonder of the world

Some might consider a fake speaker manufacturer actually achieving a first ever retail sale of their much self hyped speakers as being the True 8th Wonder of the World !
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@Steve Williams The site is so much faster. I am noticing that when people post a link to a prior post the system seems to have an issue loading it. That was true with one of your posts today regarding either the Horizon or Olympus.
Things are ZIPPY now! Well done all!
We just found a major issue with the forum that makes us vulnerable. This is a warning that the site might come offline and not even in maintenance mode until we can patch the issue we found. I can't say anything further but if you cannot find the site this is a temporary thing and it will come back on line once it has been patched
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Thanks for the heads-up, Steve.

Just do what you have to do. Great work so far!

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