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    SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!

    Most welcome! I don't consider it as hijacking. It's actually friendly & helpful info sharing for WBF brothers. :D
  2. CKKeung

    Audio Beat describes the CH Digital System in depth by Roy Gregory

    Hi Brahmsian, Agree 100%! T1 is transformational to C1 & D1. BTW have you upgraded their digital input cards to HD (ie to C1.1 & D1.1)? This is again a must-do! ;)
  3. CKKeung

    SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!
  4. CKKeung

    Horns with SS amp instead of Tube (se)!?

    Agree! Other than First Watt SIT3 bi-amping, both Totaldac and Lampizator designed their hybrid poweramps with horns in their mind.
  5. CKKeung

    SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!

    Pls communicate directly with Audio Sensibility. My friends bought theirs 2 months ago at usd100 each and the shipping was usd30.
  6. CKKeung

    SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!

    Mod Number Two : An optional sCLK-EX clock card can be added to the SOtM switch internally. The clock card sits over the main switch circuit board and is connected to it by 2 slender clock cables. However I guess most sNH-10G switch owners cannot resist the temption of adding a good external...
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    SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!

    IMHO an audiophile switch is a mandatory components for all CAS audiophiles. My favourite audiophile switches in the current market are SOtM sNH-10G, Melco S-100 and Telegartner M12 Gold. I shared my views on them on various WBF threads before. They possess diff sonic characters and if used in a...
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    Luxman D-03X cd player : underrated & ignored?

    Luxman has launched a new cd player D-03X a few months ago. It's in the mid price category yet very well-built. I guess the D-03X has been over-shadowed by the coming flagship D-10X. However I think it should not be underrated & ignored! Here...
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    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    Is it originally for nCore 2K poweramp modules?
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    YG Acoustics

    I have listened to Carmel2 and A3 many times. Although no direct comparison in a same system, it's pretty obvious that the former is better in most aspects. However, the A5 is a totally diff animal. I have expressed my views on it on the A5 thread in WBF already. :cool:
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    Mr. Yoav Geva has left YG Acoustics

    I have the same thought. :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Yoav Geva has left YG Acoustics

    Mr. Yoav Geva has left YG Acoustics What will be the future of YG Acoustics? Any info about the new venture of Mr. Yoav Geva?
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    YG Acoustics

    In HK the net prices of YG Carmel2 and Magico A5 are similar. The A5 is totally diff from A5. I consider performance-wise it's in another league. I would suggest YG Carmel2 vs A5 instead. :)
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    Goebel Divin Marquis

    A good friend and I visited the Goebel dealer showroom in Hong Kong for auditioning the Divin Marquis. It's really something! And so were the pairing components. The photos posted by Boonyarat on #1 are eye-candies. Let me post some of mine too! :cool:
  15. CKKeung

    Class A integrated

    Gryphon Diablo 300, Luxman Agree! Diablo 300 & Luxman L-590AXII & Accuphase E470.

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