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Triangle Art system with Usher ML–802s
Tobian Sound Systems announce the new 12 Signature
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The 12 Signature has the incredible ability to deliver the tiniest dynamic changes, the most beautiful tone and transparency, independent of musical style and loudness.
This speaker is able to recreate the emotions that usually only live music can give you. Sounds like you never heard before. Music that goes deep into your body and soul...a tonal magic....the new 12 Signature...

Aries Cerat: A visit to Cyprus January 2022

Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed
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Thought this might be a fun thread and a way to find out about acts on tour.

My wife and I saw the Smoke Fairies at the Tractor Tavern last evening as the opening act for Rasputina. The Smoke Fairies are a 'folk blues' duo from Wales and have been described as "Bob Dylan's dream." I thought that their debut release "Through Low Light and Trees" was one of last year's best. It was just the...
The Music or the Gear?
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There’s Audiophiles that enjoy music the most, others the equipment, and yet others both.

Mine is the music with the caveat that I need the proper gear to listen to it with.

What’s your goal as an Audiophile? The music? The gear? Both? And why?
USB cable recommended?
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I have a Curious USB cable, it is about 6 inches long. I just tried a 1M Pangea and to my surprise it sounded better! Is it because of the longer length or the cable itself? I know the Pangea usb is considered an el cheap- o cable, can someone recommend something better?


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