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Pure Audio Project upgrades and tweaks
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Starting this thread to discuss Pure Audio Project open baffle speakers, upgrades and tweaks. @Kingrex - if you have had both the horns and Coax10, I would be interested in hearing how they compare. And I copied your earlier post below.

What cables upgrades did you use? And can you share a picture of where you located the crossover? Is it attached to something else, or...
German Physiks Unicorn: An alternate take on single driver speakers. Did you ever have a chance to audition it? What did you think?
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Twelve years ago, I was completing my dream vacation home, with the living room overlooking the Aegean Sea, and ready to host a moderate audio system that was natural sounding. A discussion with Holger Muller from German Physiks led to the purchase of the Unicorn Mk 2, a single driver, horn loaded, omnidirectional speaker. I already owned the Borderland and was familiar with the GP “house”...
How Good a CD Transport is Required to Sound Better than Streaming?
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There seems to be a fairly solid consensus (Lucasz Ficus, LL21, Al M, etc.) that CD playback or computer file playback, or perhaps both, sound better than streaming (assuming, of course, that all other variables, including the DAC, are held constant).

But I assume that one cannot assume that any device that can spin a CD necessarily will achieve better sound quality than will...
Seismion - new active isolation platform from Germany
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At the end of last year, I was contacted by the founder of a new German manufacturer of isolators called Seismion. The founders are Dr Marcus Neubauer, he has a PhD in mechanical engineering, and Sebastian Mojrzisch, electrical engineer and former manager at Volkswagen (VW) in the pre-development. They are specialized in vibration technology and electronics. The brand Seismion was introduced...
Why Synergy horns?
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In another thread I was asked, if I would provide more details about my speakers, so I thought why not?

I have played on active 4 way horn systems since 2016. First iteration was front loaded bass horn, midbass horn, tractrix midrange horn and tractrix tweeter horn. I worked nicely, with all the attributes associated with well implemented horns. Clarity, dynamics, realistic live sound etc...
An Introduction from Songer Audio
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We're so happy to have joined the What's Best Forum community!

Below you'll find a little information about myself, Songer Audio, and of course the 100% handcrafted field coil loudspeakers that we make in Portland, Oregon.

About Songer Audio

Songer Audio is the product of my lifelong passion. It is the sum of thousands of hours of design and redesign, of refinement and...

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