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The Sound of Analog, the Sound of Digital
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On his PS Audio blog today Paul McGowan posted a piece titled: "The meaning of analog." Paul writes: "There’s no such thing as the sound of analog and digital. They are antiquated terms . . ."

Paul of course is not disputing the existence of the different technologies of analog recording and digital recording, or of the existence of mechanical and electronic differences between analog...
FTA Interconnect with Bocchino XLRs!
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Hi all, id like to add bring forward some findings for my fellow WBFers.

Id like to introduce a sublime new cable that ive been using for the past month. The Final Touch Audio XLR with Bocchino XLR connectors.

I was introduced to FTA via their terrific USB cable and was very curious to see if their house sound would transfer into their Analog interconnects as well. A few months ago I had...
Does Magico have a "house sound", and if so, how would you describe it?
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One reads many comments about this brand, both positive and negative. Often the opinions are quite strong and infer, to me at least, that people think there is a particular "sound" to the brand. I would like to better understand what people think Magico speakers sound like.

I wrote a long post in another thread describing my thoughts on the "Magico sound" and thought I would start this...
Aries Cerat Kassandra II Ref DAC: Wow!
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This is just an initial report on the Aries Cerat Kassandra II ref DAC and it contains only one word. WOW! And this is only the "baby" dac from AC.
VAC 452 iQ review in Stereophile
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An extremely enthusiastic subjective review by Michael Fremer - the kind of review that makes people say "I want them!" - followed by a measurement sections showing disappointing very poor measurements of signal to noise ratio by John Atkinson. Should we conclude that poor SNR improves sound quality? ;) The recent review of the new Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Momentum HD line...

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