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Soon to come, hORNS Universum mk4!
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After a year and a half of many ups and downs in my life, which in the process i moved to...

What does it mean when people describe Digital as Sounding like "Analog"? Best term?

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What do people really mean by that?

Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality
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The goal of this thread is to share experiences with the Network environment associated with streamed digital music. The hypothesis is that just like other areas of audio, improvements to and optimization of the quality of the network used to stream digital music can have a very positive impact on sound quality. While the underlying principals are relatively straightforward, networking, by...
Sliding force???
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I accidentally happened upon an ECM LP with a blank fourth side ("Into The Silence")


and notice what happens:

Then I enabled and adjusted anti-skating to tame it:

I know ddk has designed his platter to provide a sliding effect to some degree, but I thought mine was excessive. Still trying to...
Zero Distortion: Altec Assault and the Magic of Misho (Audio Antiquary)
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Warning: This is a long article, so you can take breaks while reading it, as it covers different sections:
  1. Introduction to Misho (AudioAntiquary) and the Altecs, his background owning Altecs, Bionor, WE 16a, etc
  2. Compares of his electronics against Audio Note Neiro 2a3, Allnic Phono, and comments from...
High-end Speakers V Headphone - you kidding me....
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Can the advances in headphone design we have seen in the last few years, can they really give us a sound that can compete with the best speaker systems?

I make no bones about it, I have been a headphone fan for many years, and use both every day. I enjoyed both equally. And I would be hard pressed to have to choose which I had to stuff in a boat to take to my desert island. In my opinion, the...

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