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Introducing Center Stage 2M

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Center Stage2M

Designed by Joe Lavrencik, Critical Mass Systems​


We are very pleased to announce a major revision and replacement to our Center Stage2 audio feet. Each Center Stage2 model has been improved and replaced by Center Stage2M.


There were several objectives behind the...
One Man's Dream - Ken Fritz Documentary
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I gained permission to post this thread on behalf of Ken Fritz. It is a fantastic video, a real lifetime journey to create a bespoke (largely home made) end game system and music room. Personally, IMO it is one of the most enjoyable and absorbing audio build videos I have seen to date.

Watch this space, I also have 1,000+ photos of the stages, so lots more to come right here...
Totaldac exceptional demo in Paris in October 2021
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Hi all,
I am happy to announce that Totaldac will make an exceptional demo in Paris, in October 2021.
A Totaldac system will be installed in the 150sqm living of a Yacht in Paris.

The system will be composed of:
-new d1-streamer-mk2 http://www.totaldac.com/D1-streamer-eng.htm
-new d1-digital-mk2 reclocker http://www.totaldac.com/D1-digital-eng.htm...
Gryphon Essence
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After a week of listening I thought a review of my Gryphon Essence pre/stereo power amplifiers might be worthwhile. I’m a passionate music listener but this (as may become obvious) is not my day job. However, I hope the below main observations help anyone else wondering about the qualities of Gryphon’s new babies. My reference and comparison points are the Diablo 300 which I owned prior to...


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Some videos to demonstrate flow

The AudioKinesis Bohemian 215 design notes (more teaser content)
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The development of our new "statement" speaker system is now far enough along that we are releasing 3D renderings. For scale, those are 15" woofers and a 22" diameter horn:


The Bohemian 215 will come in two different versions: A 100 dB/1 watt efficient, specialty-tube-amp-friendly version; and a 95 dB/2.83 volt...

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