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MSB Select II arrival (revisited)
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I first heard it a couple of years ago at RMAF. then heard it again more last year at the Newport Show. I went back a couple of times last year. there was something about it's ease and continuousness and hearing into the music, without tubes, that took digital to another level......like the Trinity dac i had only better. more like my vinyl, or tape. it's been in the back of my mind since then...

What do you think of this video

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What do you think of this video. And this is not directed to those who think every mobile phone video is trash, thanks. Please listen to the end for the brass and the woodwinds

Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal.

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Are you looking for some great music that sounds terrific ?

My criteria: has to be music worth listening to, over & over again.

Here are some playlists that will put a smile on your face & meanwhile put your...
On A Higher Note - Update; Great New Gear & Wonderful New & Old Music.
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Earlier this year, between April & October I was scheduled to present new products at five HiFi Shows, between April & December, & was supposed to assist...
Asthetix IO users group
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If a forum already exists specifically for Aesthetix IO owners, please point me in the direction and I will delete this thread.
What prompted me to initiate this thread was someone posted about getting an Alnic and then I started looking for IO posts. IO postings are all over the map and in different areas, but nothing specific. So, Here we go.

All IO owners users, please join in.

I have a...
What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?
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What speakers were used? And which 845 tubes?

Thanks in advance

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