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T.H.E. SHOW 2019 - Steve's Photos
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First off I must commend the organizers for finally finding what I hope is the permanent location of THE Show. The drive for me was around an hour as I didn't stay at the hotel. The Hilton was lovely and by all accounts so were the guest rooms . The sound in each room wasn't bad at all. In fact some very good music was heard in some of the very small rooms. Case in point was Jonathan Tinn's...
Munich High End 2019 Show Report 1000+ Pictures!
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Hello WBF Members,

Here is as many rooms as I could get to while doing business and getting s chance to listen to great systems while at the show. A lot of these will be both good and terrible as I took most of them on Thursday while it was slow. No setting changes on the camera just run and gun like a madman. Even went to the Hifi Deluxe to cover that as well.

Pioneer HDJ-X10c Carbon Fiber Edition DJ Headphone review
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Here is my latest purchase - a very excellent DJ-style headphone, which just might be an excellent audiophile choice as well.


Can you notice the difference of Power cables from Youtube video?

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I would be happy to audition those power cables at my home.

It seems to me that Verastarr and High Fidelity Cables give more details and Synergistic Research give more relaxed sound.

How about other gentleman?
LDMS Server
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I would assume huge majority of the population strolling around this forum has never heard about this music server but on the other hand, I for certain know that several of the esteemed members of the forum heard it and also posses it in their systems. Also LDMS as a brand has been participating quite intensively on the HiFi shows last year (Munich, Zurich, Athens, UK) so consumers are slowly...
The new MSB Pro USB interface
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Has anybody heard it or getting one? This looks like a nice solution to me and reasonably priced.

A review: https://www.monoandstereo.com/2019/03/new-msb-technology-pro-usb-review-part.html?m=1

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