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Zero Distortion: The General's System - Pnoe, Thomas Mayer, Vyger, Original LPs
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This article is for vinyl junkies, some digital only guys will not relate, but it is about my top 3 rooms, and insight into original pressings at one, if not the largest collector and reseller of vinyl in the world, who luckily lives in the city and I can visit regularly

Notes on:

  1. Pnoe...
Sale! Mytek Manhattan II Ends January 15th.
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You may have noticed from our new WB banner ad that JaguarAudioDesign.com has a sale going on. Clients who order a Mytek Manhattan II by January 15th will receive a free installed Network Card and a 1yr subscription to Roon (a $1,050 value). Sale ends January 15th.

Place your orders at the link below and please contact us if you have any questions.

(844) GOAUDIO - (844) 462-8346...
SET amp owners thread
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Just requesting all SET amp owners to mention their amps and speakers.
Visit to Bending Wave - Gobel and CH Precision
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i have had a man crush on CH Precision gear for awhile, and also paid close attention to all the very positive feedback from fellow MSB Select II owner WBF member Priaptor (Howie) about his experience with his new Gobel speakers and CH Precision M1 amps. then at RMAF i visited the Bending Wave USA room and spoke to Elliot Goldman about visiting his new showroom near Miami as i had a business...
Visit to the Cessaro Zeta System of Audioquattr
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I visited audioquattr last week and, after I swore to him that I would not say a word about this amazing new system, I had to have Tinka put duct tape over my mouth because I have been bursting at the seams wanting to tell people what I heard from this system.

From the one-of-a-kind Cessaro Zeta system we all heard in Munich this year, to the Alieno amp (which I heard at Jeroen’s over a year...
How many are interested in Vintage Horn Speakers?
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I am visiting Korea right now although I have my listening room in Washington State, US.

I got blown away by natural and dynamics sound of big horn Western Electric Speakers on back of photo.

The spec is 4181 18 inch Field unit, 24A Horn, WETA 4144A Power supply, 594A Driver, 7444A network.

The quoted price is pretty high close to 300k$ including shipping to US.

The shop owner also has a...

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