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Audeze LCD4 2018 rev
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I thought I'd start a thread about this amazing headphone. It am in awe of the sound from this thing. I know high end headphones are a niche, and possibly dismissed by some audiophiles as not being on the same level as big speaker rigs. But I beg to differ. The sound from high end headphones has moved a lot in recent years. I had a best I could afford headphone system while I was a student...
This is insane...the Quad ESL
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I just purchased a reconditioned reconstructed pair of Quad ESL
These are on higher stands and have a protection circuit
By chance my Weston push pull kt120 monoblocks drive them superbly
I have never heard a speaker that got the timbre dynamics so correct without any fiddling !
Gotham Audio Studer C37 60HZ 1960’s
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I’m almost ashamed how long it’s taken to restore this super rare deck. The tech is again working on it and I hope to have it before the winter. Gotham Audio imported 6 of these American voltage C37’s. Here is a new photo sent today..I have my fingers crossed.
Sme 3012 R
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I know this old arm is good but I don’t know why David,Rockitman,Tang,Ron,Mike
Use or will use having top tonearm like Sat,EliteAxiom,Black Beauty,Durand

Why 3012 is so special?
I never had and I don’t understand
Only to know for my curiosity
Technics brings back the SP10
Symphonic Line Kraft - Caesar's amps vs Burmester 911 on Magico, B&W
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Thanks to Caesar for bringing these superb 300w class A amps to my attention - he does do some good analysis with all those questions he asks. http://zero-distortion.org/symphonic-line-kraft-vs-burmester-911/

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