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How many are interested in Vintage Horn Speakers?
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I am visiting Korea right now although I have my listening room in Washington State, US.

I got blown away by natural and dynamics sound of big horn Western Electric Speakers on back of photo.

The spec is 4181 18 inch Field unit, 24A Horn, WETA 4144A Power supply, 594A Driver, 7444A network.

The quoted price is pretty high close to 300k$ including shipping to US.

The shop owner also has a...
Sell your speakers ... NOS Bose 901 in the house!
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My wife and I collect 50's midcentery furniture. She saw a pair of 901's in an old add with a Herman Miller Eames chair and said "I want those for the TV room!"

Excellent midrange, but that's all you get!
Anyone hear the Magnepan 30.7?
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Anyone actually hear this speaker?
Cybershaft Ultimate OCXO 10M Clocks Shootout
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Cybershaft in Japan recently launches new 10M ocxo clock series : Ultimate clocks & Limited2 clocks. They are extremely hot items in Hong Kong now!

Many of my audiophile friends got them already and commented that these new models gave much better performance than the old models.
However, the prices are much higher...
Audeze LCD4 2018 rev
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I thought I'd start a thread about this amazing headphone. It am in awe of the sound from this thing. I know high end headphones are a niche, and possibly dismissed by some audiophiles as not being on the same level as big speaker rigs. But I beg to differ. The sound from high end headphones has moved a lot in recent years. I had a best I could afford headphone system while I was a student...
This is insane...the Quad ESL
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I just purchased a reconditioned reconstructed pair of Quad ESL
These are on higher stands and have a protection circuit
By chance my Weston push pull kt120 monoblocks drive them superbly
I have never heard a speaker that got the timbre dynamics so correct without any fiddling !

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