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YG Hailey 2.2, Magico M2 or Avantgarde Duo XD ?
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Hi all,

I am considering to upgrade my speakers and I would like this upgrade be “significant”.
I am currently using Avantgarde Zero TA XD that I am enjoying very much. It’s a fantastic value for money speakers ! Now I would like to keep their main strengths ( dynamics,transparency,difficult room “friendly”) and improve in terms of subtlety, decay and layering .
My room is small / medium ...
Vitus SIA-030 The wait is over!
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The wait is over! The Vitus Audio SIA-030 integrated amplifier will be finally unveiled at Munich 2019. Here's what I know about the new model...

- It will not replace the SIA-025 Mk2, but will be the new flagship integrated in the Signature series
- It will have a larger chassis about the same height as the MP-M201, but will not be as long
- It will have approximately 30 watts Kl.A and 200...
NEW ZenWave PS14 UPOCC Silver Ribbon Power Cable
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I'm excited to announce ZenWave Audio's new power cable! :D

This cable is intended to be an all-out, no-holds-barred, cost-no-object power cable that is CLEARLY better vs top of the line copper power cables such as Furutech's DPS-4 and my own PL11 cable. It has a very vivid and dynamic effect that will highlight the shortcomings of other power cables and make you reconsider how much...
LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP
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Last weekend I had a pleasure with several good and dear friends to hear at mine and at @wisnon place new reincarnation of LampizatOr Golden Atlantic Plus TRP where TRP stands for Tube Rollers Paradise. Where this name came from - actually the catch is that as output tubes this one uses pentode tubes working in triode mode ranging from El34, 6L6, KT88,90,120,150 and many...
Tonearm Setup: Effective Mass, Inertia, and Sound
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I have been experimenting with adjusting my tonearm's counterweight. I can add or remove extra weights and slide the counterweight mechanism toward or away from the pivot point of my arm. One can see from the three photographs below how the extra weights change the size of the counterweight, lower its center of gravity, and alters its position relative to the arm's pivot point.

I am...
new Nagra Tube DAC
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I have had the Nagra HD with PSU now for a long time and was very pleased with it. Fantastic sound both with C.E.C TLO 3.0 transport and with
computer Mac pro laptop with AUDIONIRVA plus and my 3000cd collection on NAS. TIDAL is very good and even Spotify played via Aragon spotify box on the Nagra sound very good.
I now got the new Nagra Tube Dac w new Classic PSU. A considerable economic...
Engstrom Eric
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Does anyone have experience with this piece? They look lovely but I can't really tell what they sound like based on the only review i can find on Mono & Stereo.


I believe they powered the Gobel Divin Noblesse without any trouble but has anyone had experience with a less sensitive speaker?


LDMS Server
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I would assume huge majority of the population strolling around this forum has never heard about this music server but on the other hand, I for certain know that several of the esteemed members of the forum heard it and also posses it in their systems. Also LDMS as a brand has been participating quite intensively on the HiFi shows last year (Munich, Zurich, Athens, UK) so consumers are slowly...

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