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MSB Technology announce the all new M205 Mono Amplifier
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The all-new M205 Mono Amplifier
Innovation. Redoubled.

After the resounding success of the S202 Stereo Amplifier, there were many requests for an improved mono amplifier in the same compact chassis. The M205 refines the S202’s already incredible performance with an upgraded input stage and a doubling of the power supply transformers and capacitors...
a musical journey - Aries Cerat, various devices
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About 4 years ago, I started looking for a new hi-fi system. I had set up my hi-fi system in a living room after moving house. The system, which I had put together with the help of a friend, consisted of

- Bauer DPS-3 iT with Schroeder No. 2 tonearm and a Lyra Delos
- phono stages Lamm LP-2 and Audio Exklusiv P2, SUT Silvercore
- Robert Koda K10 preamplifier
- Mark Levinson ML-2 power...
The best sound I have heard was found at Jacob Heilbrunn's house.
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I was finally able to go to Jacob Heilbrunn's house and hear his sound system. It was breathtaking and even surpassed the WAMM installation at Dave Wilson's house.

As the photo will show, he had some exquisite gear, most notably an Air Force Zero with Graham and SAT tonearms and DS audio optical cartridge. Preamp and amp were Dartzeel which really impressed me. There was clearly something...
MSB Technology: about us and new developments
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Located in Silicon Valley, MSB's dedicated engineers and production specialists work to bring you the best in high-end audio. Combining elegant design thinking with a passion for natural and lifelike reproduction, our close-knit team, led by brothers Jonathan Gullman and Daniel Francis, build and curate a wide array of hifi products—DACs, transports and amplifiers—...

Introducing Center Stage 2M

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Center Stage2M

Designed by Joe Lavrencik, Critical Mass Systems​


We are very pleased to announce a major revision and replacement to our Center Stage2 audio feet. Each Center Stage2 model has been improved and replaced by Center Stage2M.


There were several objectives behind the...
To SUT or not to SUT?
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It seems some like them and some don’t, or just prefer the sound of a more complete phonostage.
I’ve recently purchased a My Sonic Labs Gold cartridge, following Shakti’s interesting journeys through analog.

Anyway, I’ve connected it to my XP-25, set the impedance to 500 (in the recommend range) and using the 66dB gain settings.
It sounds really good, and my DS Audio W2 is getting some bench...

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