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    VR-4jr Upgrades… Also Known As Mods!

    Yes, yes it does! Thanks for sharing and please keep me posted on the progress of your experience.
  2. Damon Von Schweikert

    Introducing Center Stage 2M

    That sounds excellent to me Joe, I concur.
  3. Damon Von Schweikert

    Introducing Center Stage 2M

    Robert, Thanks for taking the time to provide these photos, I now understand the situation better and concur with Joe's solution. We can utilize your existing outriggers by fabricating an adapter. That said, there are aspects about the outrigger assembly that I still have questions about. I...
  4. Damon Von Schweikert

    Introducing Center Stage 2M

    Dear Robert, 1 - I'm sorry but I'm confused by this statement. I would be very surprised if the threaded portion of the spike is 44mm in diameter On many speakers, they are M8 or M10 and sometimes 3.4" diameter, etc. And I don't understand what you mean by the 0.6mm step up. Is it possible...
  5. Damon Von Schweikert

    Introducing Center Stage 2M

    If I may Robert, I would be happy to assist with your question. The CMS LS 1.0 would replace both the Kharma footer as well as the spike. For ease of use with your speakers, I advise either mounting them directly under the plinths or utilize the spike insert along with our titanium adapters...
  6. Damon Von Schweikert

    Low Noise Floor? Why?

    I think context is the issue in this questions. For me, Noise Floor in the context of a system is how one describes the level of distortion. The lower the noise floor, the less distortion there is in the system. "Noise floor" as you describe at a venue is what I would call ambient sound. If...
  7. Damon Von Schweikert

    Von Schweikert Audio Manufacturer Spotlight

    Well, that's kind of complicated to nail down but I'll do my best. And please note these are just generalities I use in classifying room size. I'm certainly not the authority here. Also, I've listened to systems in rooms smaller than the size I classify as "small" and had great sound. It's...
  8. Damon Von Schweikert

    Von Schweikert Audio Manufacturer Spotlight

    Thanks Will, that's very kind of you to say. All my best!
  9. Damon Von Schweikert

    Do Tubes Homogenize the Sound of Our Music?

    Speaking as a designer, I would consider any tube product that did affect the sound in such a way to be a failure. And speaking as a manufacturer that demonstrates my loudspeakers with what I believe to be (at least) among the finest in solid-state and tube amplification, I would say no. That...
  10. Damon Von Schweikert

    Von Schweikert Audio Manufacturer Spotlight

    Hi Will, I'll do my best to answer this great question as I'm sure many are curious about this as well, but I fear my explanation will fail to describe exactly all the differences as well as the similarities. So let me say that if there are any questions about my response, please follow up with...
  11. Damon Von Schweikert

    Von Schweikert Audio Manufacturer Spotlight

    Hello All, It's just a few weeks until the first Pacific Audio Fest 2022 and we're very excited to be in Seattle along with our room partners VAC / Valve Amplification Company and The Audio Company presenting our newest flagship loudspeaker, the ULTRA 7. If you haven't made plans yet, there's...
  12. Damon Von Schweikert

    The Endeavor Reference Edition

    That sounds interesting...
  13. Damon Von Schweikert

    MasterBuilt Audio Reference II cable line Distributed by Von Schweikert Audio

    Hello Bazelio. The Performance and Reference II lines are both made from high-quality copper by a U.S. manufacturer and the Reference II is single-crystal copper. It's the Ultra line that is constructed with U.S. laboratory grade precious metal alloys in a proprietary formulation. And thanks...
  14. Damon Von Schweikert

    My room is finally done, with thanks to Kingrex!

    I can't wait to see the final install!

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