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    This Corona Virus Mania is Just Too Much, We All Need to Chill!

    To eat healthy food might be a good idea, lots of vegetables, no pre-fabricated food. Make health food at home:)
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    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    Mine is totally silent, no problem to have in the same room at all.
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    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    No I did not, but I will be sending it for the 300h service soon and will then specify the Odin arm.
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    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    I have the Galder/Odin with the VdH pickup. I think its great. PM me for more if you are interested. Kind regards
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    New Atlas Lambda

    How is it compared to the old Atlas SL?
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    My Little Barn

    Is this the silver version of the Consolidated, or the copper version?
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    Recently arrived - Audiopax Model 5 preamp

    No, I was just talking about the view. No Tannoys here.
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    Recently arrived - Audiopax Model 5 preamp

    Definitely better than mine:)
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    Recently arrived - Audiopax Model 5 preamp

    I have an ML336 that guarantees me a good marriage with Tannoy, but it is very big and heavy (70kg) I need someone to help me put it next to the rack! I asked about Luxman, because I am planning to buy a smaller and lighter integrated, which can always be on the rack! My room is not dedicated...
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    What stepup for the Kiseki Purpleheart?

    Does anyone have experience with the Zesto stepup?
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    RPM Mobile Phone App

    Does this really measure correctly?
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    What stepup for the Kiseki Purpleheart?

    This looks fantastic!!
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    Technics brings back the SP10

    Does anybody else also have experience with the Technics sl-1000r? I have seen many good reviews, but MF seems less than happy, at least with the Technics plinth and arm.
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    What stepup for the Kiseki Purpleheart?

    Thanks for good advice. I will probably soon be able to borrow a few different stepups, so I can test what sounds best in my system.
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    What stepup for the Kiseki Purpleheart?

    I understand, the Consolidated Audio SUT comes in three variants; 1:10, 1:15 and 1:20. That should be 20, 23,5 and 26db. It seems the Erosion gives 26db. The Kondo Sfz (another possibility) gives 20 or 36db. I am not sure of the gain/amp sensitivity of the Kondo Overture amp though.

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