Jul 11, 1960 (Age: 62)
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Verdier La Platine, Trans-Fi Terminator, ZYX Ultimate omega, Audio Tekne MC-6310, Channel D Lino D 2.0, Sun Valley EQ-1616D, Audio Tekne MCT-4818, Wadia 16 CD Transport, Marvalve DAC2, Lightspeed Passive Attenuator, Von Gaylord Nirvana, Mactone MH-300b, Eminent Technology LTF-8b.


Verdier La Platine, Trans-Fi Terminator, ZYX Ulitimate Omega, Audio Tekne MC-6310; Sun Valley phono stage, Channel D Lino C 2.2 phono stage, Audio Tekne MCT-4818 SUT; Stereo Coffee passive pre-amp, Melton Audio MP-12 Active pre-amp; Mactone MH300b, Von Gaylord Nirvana; Eminent Technology LFT8b


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