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    A new star in 2019 : Innuos Statement Server

    Sean is very reactive , but no order before 2022 , because a lot of work .... 2 ou 3 satisfied customers before us with Silver-Gold Mundorf umbilical cables ... ;-)
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    A new star in 2019 : Innuos Statement Server

    Thank you, I will contact him.
  3. Rhodium

    A new star in 2019 : Innuos Statement Server

    A big thank you Blackmorec for your wise and thoughtful advice. I read your developments about the Phoenix Net, always very detailed, not to mention your literary phrasing when you mention the improvements in sound quality and especially the emotions and the connection with the musical work that...
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    A new star in 2019 : Innuos Statement Server

    Hello the community, I am very satisfied with the sound rendering of my system, for which I no longer plan to change the device or the cable. I remind you that I introduced myself and my system here : I...
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    Sablon speaker cables

    Ils sont magnifiques; bonne nouvelle pour moi! Merci Mark, je suis encore plus impatient maintenant
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    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    Good morning all , just a small intervention to thank the contributors as well as Audio Sablon. After careful reading of your contributions, I was convinced to acquire a Panatela Reserva usb cable and a Panatela Reserva ethernet. No regrets, I have no complaints, with a sound reproduction that...
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    A new star in 2019 : Innuos Statement Server

    Hello everyone from France, I have been the delighted owner of a Statement for a few weeks; you will find my configuration in the members'gallery post. I took advantage of the August promotion to order Orange fuses from Synergistic Research at High End Electronics, including one at the nominal...
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    In the Rhodium living room

    Good evening, For Ron : Relevant question to which it is difficult to answer formally. Young, I was fascinated by the ventilation, the speed and the transparency of the Martin Logan. When I separated from my Prodigy, I think that the stators were very tired, but I had the opportunity to sell...
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    In the Rhodium living room

    Hello community, I have been browsing your forum for some time, which I find very informative. It is fashionable to introduce yourself before interacting; I subscribe to it here, even if it is not the discussion thread of the presentations (the moderator will correct if necessary) . I am...

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