Vancouver, BC
The Place To List Your Gear
Wilson Audio Maxx II, Watt Puppy V, Watch, Watch Dog, Totem THE ONE, darTZeel NHB -18NS, darTZeel NHB-108 B, Wyetech Topaz Model A 211, Aesthetix IO phonostage, Audio Research CD 7.5, Studer A810, Verdier La Platine, Garrard 301 Hammertone grease bearing, Technics SP10, Kodo The Beat by Steve Dobbins, MK II,Kuzma Airline, Micro Seiki, SME 3012, Dynavector XV-1S, Orofon A90, Denon 103, Loricraft record cleaner, MC Intosh MR 78 Tuner, Nordost Thor, Audience r12, Nordost Valhalla interconnect, speaker cables, Aural Symphonics magic gem v2
General Contractor/babysitter


Steve Dobbins Kodo The Beat , Dobbins Garrard 301, Verdier LaPlatine, Technics SP10 MK II

Tone arms
Kuzma Air Tangent, Reed 3P, Eminent Technology 2.5 with three armwands,
Fidelity Research FR 66S, FR64S, FR 24 ,
SME 3012 Version 1 circa 58, Micro Seiki 303

Phono Stage Allnic H-3000 V

daRTzeel NHB 18NS, Micro ZTL McIntosh MX 110x

Amplifiers SS
Classe DR3b, BAT VK6200, DarTZeel NHB108, Mark Levinson ML-23.5

Amplifier Tube
McIntosh MC225, Wyetech Topaz Golden Audio Note 211

JBL Hartfields in book matched rosewood
TrueSound Apogee Divas
Kef LS50
Wilson Audio Maxx II, Watt Puppy 5, Watch Dog, Watch center,

Audio Research CD-7.5, SGM Music server, Totaldac 6, Totaldac Reclocker with LivePower supplies

Two Studer 810a, Nakamichi Dragon

McIntosh MR 78

Misc gear accessories
KL Audio Vinyl cleaner, Audience aR 12 20amp & aR 6T 15 amp
Nordost Valhalla interconnects and speaker cables, TEL, Aural Symphonics GEM V1, Shunyata , Synergistics powerchords, Transparent Reference XL AES/EBU, fibre optical for digital,
FTA USB, Gigawatt




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