52 years old I've been a hifi music buff since I was very young ,Lots of vinyl still in storage ,mainly digital since my house in Christchurch NZ was trashed in the 2011 earthquakes along with my turntable and most of my hifi.Now I've moved to Australia no earthquakes! hope to have my system up and running early 2018 in a dedicated room, and maybe look for a new turntable maybe.

Music ,Cars,gym,cycling,photography ,Traveling,good food ,Steam trains
Gold Coast ,Queensland,Australia
The Place To List Your Gear
Linn DS Katalyst Klimax,Sachem monoblocks V1 and V2 ,Schem Pure preamp, Ambrosia pre amp,Lewitt firefly preamp,Ampzilla SOA ,Plinius SA250MK4 ,Audioquest Diamond Ethernet x2 Audioquest Vodka Ethernet X1 TP link optical isolators MC210 x2 optical cable 2mtr x1 18000mhn battery packs to power optical isolators.Sinergystic Research 12UEF SE power conditioner UEF Galileo power cable ,Galileo UEF RCA cable ,Various SR Atmosphere level 3 HC and digital and analog power cables and level 4 Atmosphere RCA interconnects ,Tripod support table headshot filled AirPods isolation various homemade shelves with different shielding and damping construction ,B&W 801D speakers,Carver ALS the New one plus 2x subrosa subs,Audio proAvantek sub 10" version AudioPro speakers various models.Qnap NAS x2 Bocchino Morning Glory interconnects X2 Lots of other stuff in storage awaiting moving into our new home on the Gold Coast in Australia .
Manager,caretaker,Mr fixit


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