Nov 9, 1975 (Age: 47)
The Place To List Your Gear
TT: TechDas AirForce 2 and Transrotor Tourbillion FMD
Arms: Acoustical Systems Axiom, Graham elite 10.5, Reed 3Q 12 inch
Carts: MSL platinum, London Decca Reference, Allnic Amber, VDH Colibri XPW
Phono Stage: EAR 324, Thoress Parametric Phono Equalizer, Allnic H-8000 DHT, SUT: EAR MC4, MSL 1030
PreAmp: Goldmund 22H NG
PowerAmp: Goldmund 2500 NG
Digital: Linn KDS-3/Wadax Atlantic Server/Melco S100
Speaker: Kharma Veyron EV4
Racks: HRS SXR/M3x2, Artesania
Cables: Siltech triple Crw, Crystal Cable UD, Nordost Odin 2, Kharma Veyron, etc.


TT: TechDas AirForce One, Kuzma XL DC Air
Arms: Kuzma 4P 11’, Graham elite 10.5, SME V12, Ikeda 407, Groove Master III, Acoustical Systems Aquilar
Carts: MSL platinum, London Decca Reference, VDH Colibri XPW, Lyra Atlas SL, Lyra Etna SL, Ortofon Anna Diamond, Etsuro Bordeaux, Etsuro Gold, Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx Platinum, Phasemation PP2000
Phono Stage: Allnic H-8000 DHT, Aesthetix Io, Karan PH Reference, Burmester 100, SUT: Air Tight ATH 2-Ref, MSL 1030, Etsuro, Kondo GE-10i+SFz
PreAmp: Dartzeel NHB-18NS MK2
PowerAmp: Dartzeel NHB-468
Digital: Kalista Dreamplay XC
Speaker: Kharma Exquisite Grand 3.0
Racks: HRS SXR/M3x2, CMS Olympus V-12
Cables: Siltech triple Crw, Crystal Cable UD, Nordost Odin 2, Kharma Veyron, etc.



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