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Tag Mclaren PA20R, Harman Kardon PA2400, Esoteric SA60, Ruark Templar II's. Arcam Alpha 7SE, Denon DMD 1000, KEF KHT 2005.1, Marantz 2060, Marantz CD6000 OSE SE, Marantz CD67SE (heavily modded & sounding superb!), Marantz SR4400/N1S, Marantz SR7200, Myryad MC100 (modded), NAD 3140, Panasonic DVD-S75, Pioneer PD-S501, Pure DRX-701 ES, Roksan Kandy KC1 (modded), Sony DVP-S735D x 3, Sony MDS-JE530, Sony STR-DB930, Stax SR-40, Teac R-H300, Toshiba SD900E


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