1. DevAAudio

    Wilson Audio New Dealer Launch Party!

    devAAudio is excited to announce our partnership with Wilson Audio Loudspeakers! If you are in the greater Kansas City region please join us for our special launch event on January 23rd, 2020. We will be displaying Wilson Audio Alexx, Sasha DAW, Sabrina, and TuneTot!!! Announcement...
  2. Philip O Hanlon

    A Tale of Two Cities | Omaha, NE & Kansas City, MO - A/B test on CD playback vs streaming on DAC with Gryphon Ethos at Sound Environment

    We were asked if we tried comparing the Redbook CD playback vs streaming using the DAC on Ethos. We have our opinion but we want yours. Come join us and hear it for yourself and share your opinion with the community! Look forward to seeing you! Flight is taking off... who's coming today? and...

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