music streaming

  1. ketcham

    WNDR (Waversa Network Direct Rendering) dedicated protocol

    The biggest problem with streaming widely used networks using DLNA is that the standard does not consider continuous audio streaming at all; it is just a standard for packet-based data transmission allowing multitasking Ethernet switches to function seamlessly while maintaining accuracy. In this...
  2. B

    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    The goal of this thread is to share experiences with the Network environment associated with streamed digital music. The hypothesis is that just like other areas of audio, improvements to and optimization of the quality of the network used to stream digital music can have a very positive impact...
  3. mauricemishael

    Fusion on Pop

    Who are the singers/musicians that you listen to their mainstream music and think they have diversity in productions and the concept of music? I think since Michael Jackson mixed african music with pop I hadn't listened to something as powerful!
  4. igufi

    High-Resolution Network Streamers: Upgrading From SqueezeBox 3

    As a part of a larger system upgrade, I'm looking for a replacement for my SqueezeBox 3 to enable me to listen for high-resolution audio up to 24bit/192khz. Currently, the SB3 is being served FLAC-files via an old mac-mini running the SqueezeCenter software. The devices are connected to the...

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