Best of both worlds?


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Jun 11, 2010
Big Canoe, GA
I'm looking to update the seating in my dedicated audio room / home theater.

I have some specific criteria I'm looking to meet as I select new seating, and wanted to get everyone's input and experiences with various options and products.
So if you gone through this process yourself, or if you have direct experience with a product (yours or at someone else place), please chime in.

I'll also use this thread to document my selection process and the outcome.

As noted, my room is a 'both worlds' room, with a primary emphasis on being as good a multichannel audio room as possible, while still providing a satisfying movie experience.
So from a seating perspective, I want to ensure the products block as little of the multichannel sound as possible. So even though my rear speakers are six-foot tall electrostats, I don't want to 'shade' then with tall seat-backs.

This almost immediately excludes the usual 'home theater' seating with 43" or taller backs.

But comfort while watching movies is still important, so an ideal seat will have a fold-up or adjustable headrest mechanism.

More criteria:
- Low seat-back when upright, less that 36" tall
- Adjustable headrest (both for height and for tilt when reclined)
- Ability to recline/incline seat
- No pop-out footrest, will use ottomans (but will yield on this if all other criteria is met)
- Contemporary style, open lower portions preferred from both aesthetics and acoustic perspectives
- quality construction

As for budget, not really a constraint, but not going crazy either. I have a strong sense of value, but also understand that quality often costs and being cheap on furniture is not always wise.

Look forward to your input and help on this one.



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Dec 25, 2011
The tube lair in beautiful Rock Hill, SC
Good morning, Jonathan. I noticed that you did not mention anything about a beverage holder. Was this something that isn't that important to you or was it overlooked in your initial requirements? The only reason I ask is that a beverage holder would be important to me.



Jul 25, 2012
I would look into Fortress Seating.

They will custom make just about ANYTHING to your specifications--upholstery/leather, firmness, height, depth, width, motor or manual recline, motorized tray tables, you name it.

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