Replace the spikes?


Feb 6, 2020
Has anybody tried replacing the spikes on there B&W floor-standers with the AudioPhysic isolating magnetic feet. I'm keen to give it a go but I have 800d3s and not keen on too much work so be good to understand what, if anything, needs removed ( wheels etc) in order to fit these feet. Tried the dealer etc but not getting much help.

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Aug 21, 2019
Well, usually it goes like this:

1. Place the speaker on its side, on a surface that will prevent it from getting scratched (eg couch).
2. Remove the existing spikes/wheels.
3. Measure the diameter of the threading inside the speaker.
4. Choose new spikes/feet with a proper-sized threaded bolt.
5. Screw them in place of your previous ones, once they arrive.

So basically, first you need to check the sizes to see if it's a match :)
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