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“they do what your mother told you that a planar speaker could never do: really deep, undistorted and powerful bass”

The transparency and imaging of the best planar speakers.

The dynamics and low distortion of the best big horns.

The tonal balance of the best monitors.

The efficiency you need to use almost any amplifier.

The authoritative bass of a big cone woofer.

All of this in a coherent sound like a single wide-range transducer.

We feel and give joy and wonder doing things in a different way.

For this reason we make loudspeakers in a different and non-conventional way: no cone woofer, no dome tweeter, no horn loaded midrange, no box, neither closed nor vented.

Our mission is to make loudspeakers that bring the musicians into your listening room. To reach this goal we have experienced that the use of thin diaphragm ribbons and ribbon-planar transducers radiating sound as a dipolar (from both sides) line source is the best approach: the sound vibration is created with all its energy as well as all the details needed to fully respect its message.

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Alsyvox: at Rhapsody Audio
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