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DIESIS ARE A LEADING SPEAKER MANUFACTURER BASED IN ITALY. The initial project, transformed and improved over time through our work and the contribution of passionate friends evolved into the creation of a “real voice from the heart”. The realism this acoustic system gives strikes listener to it, giving it an emotional intensity that we like to call sonic event. Assembled by hand, piece by piece, we can affirm that nothing has been left to chance, with the best layout design optimization along with the best components and parts. The study of the design, so dynamic, light and almost anthropomorphic, comes from the hands of Ino Piazza, architect and interior designer who, thought his inspiration created the first prototype, and from that rudimentary form, a true “design object”. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION. The use of innovative materials (CLAD 58 and CORIAN), here used for the first time in an audio system and the optimization of the parameters of the project, exalting the advantages of the technologies used (dipolar load and coaxial transducers horn loaded), for a result that is dynamic, transparent, articulated, coherent, natural, life like and with total absence of listening fatigue that has left more than one listener stupefied.

OUR ULTIMATE SEAKER, THE ROMA TRIODE. Listen to a speaker Diesis Audio sound with an indirectly heated triode is a unique experience, They come from the huge passion for listening to music as a real event. We work to eliminate the artifacts and the colours of traditional loudspeakers and reach the highest purity of issue making listening to any song pure emotion. In addition to innovative techniques the simplicity, the absolute quality of the transducers of the project and of the materials used precious quality that arises from prolonged sessions of listening and refinement that go on for years experience. The study of various materials that the delicate music signal crosses before propagating a note in the air allows us to tune each speaker to convey in every situation a passion out of the ordinary by giving life to everything that occurs to the listener. Rome triode, last extraordinary accomplishment, incorporates everything and goes even further, the result of 3 years of work to embed in it a DNA of pure magic, assisted by the most prestigious triode mono amplifiers in the world has been sewn tailored to seize every more subtle nuance and detail whispered by these wonderful amplifications. Every element of the project was gutted tried and agreed by ear, compared with the best passive components we finally opted for the realization of even the most insignificant element, even the correct direction of each component is been identified after careful and critical plays. Rome Triode has been refined in the last year with the prestigious Japanese Amplifications Kondo. Ongaku, G70 preamplifier and wiring entirely Kondo, the emotional expression of these wonderful items for music playback is enhanced by the ease with which the speakers let themselves go through invoking the vibrations of pure emotion, reaching a magic with such a synergy that cannot be write words.

Diesis: Caput Mundi #2
Diesis: Caput Mundi #3
Diesis: Roma Triode
Diesis; Roma Triode + Kondo
Diesis: in the Netherlands
Diesis: Steve Guttenburg
Diesis: Caput Mundi #4
Diesis: Caput Mundi #1
Diesis + Kondo in Madrid

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