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The core of Constellation Audio resides not in any one person or in any particular technology. It rests in the values that inspired us to found this company.
We built Constellation Audio on a set of values we developed through decades of combined experience in high-end audio – as manufacturers, dealers and, most importantly, as customers ourselves. We asked ourselves what worked from a technical standpoint, and what didn’t. We asked ourselves what products had made us thrilled to be audiophiles, and what products had frustrated and annoyed us. And we asked ourselves how we could best accomplish our goal of producing audio products that would exceed the performance of even the most revered and legendary brands.
These are the values we practice with every new product design, every product we manufacture, and every interaction with our customers and dealers.

Although many high-end audio products (including a couple of ours) employ the very latest technology, one simply cannot create a true high-end audio product without a thorough appreciation for the audio industry’s rich history. The pioneers of audio (some of whom are members of our design “dream team”) developed a wealth of experience in achieving lifelike, musical sound from their products. Constellation Audio products build on this knowledge, never forgetting the lessons that audio’s founding fathers have taught us.


As vital as it is to know the traditions of audio, proficiency with the very latest technologies is just as important. This is one of the main reasons we insisted on building a “dream team” of world-renown engineers and designers. Instead of forcing our engineers outside their areas of expertise when new technologies come along, we seek out engineers who have already mastered those technologies. Our team approach also prevents us from being mired in outdated concepts or in any one engineer’s pet technologies and philosophies.


Faithfulness to the original source is key to the concept of high-end audio, and it remains the guiding principle in our product designs. In fact, many of our proprietary design concepts, such as our Line Stage Gain Module and Balanced Bridged amplifier design, arose from our design to keep signal paths as simple, transparent and perfect as possible. Look inside any of our products and you will see that we never create unneeded complexity for the sake of styling, convenience or cost.


We are always flattered when we see our products displayed in places of prominence in beautiful homes. This is why we spend countless hours creating industrial designs that please the eye, but never distract the eye. All of our products employ simple, elegant lines, subtly accented with whimsical touches such as our trademark heat sink vents. All of our chassis components are fabricated by the world’s finest, most meticulous machine shops, and our manufacturing process is specifically designed to protect the components’ beautiful finishes.


Constellation Audio products are built by hand, by highly experienced technicians who take pains to make everything perfect. All manufacturing processes are developed in close cooperation with our engineers, who monitor the process to make sure quality is flawless. Every Constellation Audio product is thoroughly tested and burned in at the factory to ensure it performs as designed, then carefully wrapped and packed in sturdy containers designed to keep our components in perfect condition during shipment.


We understand that the purchase of Constellation Audio components represents not only a significant investment, but a vote of confidence in our company. This is why no matter what products we create in the future, we will always design them to be the best in their categories, and to earn the respect of even the most discerning listeners. We will always honor our customers’ investment and pride of ownership.


pictured: Irv Gross, VP Sales Constellation Audio

Irv Gross, Constellation Audio
Irv Gross, Constellation Audio 2

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